19 October 2016

13:23 – OMG…

…your ladies are out of hand. Came home from shopping (please take my credit card away) to find massive joby beside catpootray!!! and puke on stairs! We need an intervention: I need to stop buying food they puke or poop up! Jings, help ma boab! 😭

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13:27 -They are very bad young ladies and I will deal with them accordingly when I get back.  Their behaviour is unacceptable.

Did you get anything good fae the shops?

13:39 -What would classify as good? Pouches? Sprouts? Carrots? Hobnobs?

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Carrots = Good
Sprouts = good?
Pouches = Sometimes good, sometimes no, they don’t want that one
Hobnobs = heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!


18 October 2016

09:39 – OMG

You really shouldn’t have left me so much coffee. I’m going to be high as a kite all day. Px

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10:46 – Heehee, you’ll have to chase the cats round the house to use up your energy.  And it will be good for them!

11:34 -Was kidding. Less than a mouthful.  Just as well I love you. 😘

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11:36 – Oh, I see.  That’s not so good 😦

I think you should still chase the cats round the hoose!