23 June 2017

13:39 – Guess who…

…is so glad to be home after what seems to have been the longest, hottest week in history?!

I’ve just filled up two bowls for Johnson…scattered some Dreamies on the floor for Mili which has alerted the Popi.  No trace of ‘the dark one’.

Just taking a load off  and waiting for them to finish so I can get something to eat without freaking ‘the Ston’ with the noise of me buttering bread/crackers.  You know what she is like.

BTW how has your day been?  Did you enjoy your leisurely breakfast/coffee?

Anyway, I think its all clear in the kitchen now so I’m off to have lunch, cos I’m starving… I’ll try and leave you some ‘bubbles’…

Love you,


13:52 – Haha, that’s a nice wee update.  Not as much wee aggro as yesterday by the sounds of it (so far at least).

I’m not impressed with that wee ‘dark one’, she has to come and see us at some point during the day!

Enjoyed the leisurely coffee before work, enjoying work itself not so much.  Going quickly enough tho so should be okay.  I bet you’re glad the working week is over!  Can’t be doing with too many like that.

Enjoy your lunch, speak soon…

14:08 – Why is it every time we sit down to eat one of them 💩?

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