28 June 2017

13:31 – Well…

…thankfully my (getting paid for it) working day is over and I’m now sat in the comfort of my own home.  It’s a bit chilly ‘cos the living room windows are open.

Two things;

1. You’ve still got by bank card you thieving _ _ _ _!

2. We hollow-legs Ston is back.  I’ve just put down a soup for her, in addition, I put down a pouch each for Popi and Izzi.  Popi sidetracked the food and sat at the back door waiting for me to open it.  Izzi screwed her wee nose up.  In the time it took me to open the back door, Remi had taken two licks of the soup and was now on the pouch I put out for Popi.  I tried to entice the wee yin with a wee tin but once again she screwed up her wee nose.  But as soon as the bowl hit the floor wee hollow-legs Ston was on it.

No doubt by the time I’ve written this and gone back to the kitchen all bowls will have been licked dry by Ston and the wee chunks will already be drying out in the air.

What is a woman to do?

Mr Justice man, I NEED JUSTICE!!

13:43 – BTW…canny make bread; all the flour in the sky!!


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