14 July 2017


Its all quiet on the home front since I got back from Asda.  I think I fed Remi a couple of more times and now she’s sleeping soundly one the window ledge with Mili in one corner and Dunkel, in her nest, in the other corner.  Popi is conspicuous by her absence.  I managed to track her down earlier, she’s made a home for herself on your chair (obviously likes the smell of your arse).  I’ve heard the cat flap go a couple of times, I’m sure its the wind most of the time, but once I checked and I saw Ass-hole’s bum quickly retreat through the hole in the fence…the little shite-bag.

I’ve just eaten lots of crap and had my morning coffee, I’m still feeling really exhausted; I had a really unsettled night and very little sleep.  BTW you were doing a lot of moaning and groaning in your sleep last night.  I wonder what is causing that? Guilty conscience?

Anyway, I might go for a wee cat nap myself.



…hope you are well and you and your mobile got to work safely, no incidents like the other day!! (his mobile got smashed due to an over zealous bus driver and his brakes).

So far I’ve updated my blog, and fed the Ston (three times already), I’m just about to go and pick up our monthly supply of coffee from the post office.  I was thinking of swinging past Asda on the way back to pick you up some juice and to see if they’ve got a cheap bread bin.  Is there anything else you need?

BTW, Mili is sleeping soundly on our bed, no sign of Dunkel or Popi. Dunkel is probably out and about but I don’t know where the Pop is. She’s hiding from me.  I’m a wee bit worried about her sniffle…if it continues we’ll have to take her to the pet doctor.  RemiSton, is still circling the kitchen looking for more food.  She’ll have to wait until I get back.

Speak later,


13 July 2017

Today we received our latest order of cat food/essentials from Bitiba, very disappointed, not by them but by their courier who launched the box over our gate and smashed the contents.


There were meaty chunks everywhere.  Thankfully, the damage was slight; only four boxes of food were destroyed.  I emailed the company who will refund us for the damaged items.  It took ages to clean it all up.


11 July 2017

13:39 – Update from home…

…Popi on window ledge of the lounge as I walk up the steps to the front door.

Remi greeted me in the hall, looking for food, no less.

Something horrific awaited my entry into the kitchen… a large puddle of puke!!  Made worse by the fact that only two sheets of kitchen roll left on the roll.  There is no way those two sheets would cope.  I eyed the new roll on top of the fridge and looked around desperately for something to help me retrieve them. Nothing obvious.  However, a more pressing job awaited me… starving monkeys.  Need to feed urgently.  Therefore, in the meantime I placed the last two sheets on top of the pool of puke and attended to my monkeys.

Puddle of Puke…

Remi was happy with Bozita, but Mili and Popi looked at me disgustedly.  Therefore, opened two tins (one each) of the Gourmet stuff and dispensed them onto clean bowls; nothing too good for my babies.  I suspect Popi was not really hungry as she turned her nose up and marched to the back door where she sat until I ran the full length of the kitchen to unleash her onto the world.

It was then I spotted the kitchen tongs.  They would do jolly well to get the new kitchen rolls.  I just about managed to touch them at full reach.  I hobbled about on tippy-toes, stretched until I heard something pop.  I managed to reach them; thankfully without damaging myself further.

Puke wiped up, monkeys fed it was now time to take a load off for a few minutes to let Remi finish what was left in all the food bowls.  As I walked into the lounge I sensed a sinsiter wee object in the corner, Dunkel was in her nest.  She looked at me, yawned, re-arranged herself and went back to sleep.

In the time it has taken to write this, Mili is now parked on the window ledge, Popi has come back in from the garden and is sitting in the doorway to the lounge and Remi is at my feet licking her chops.

I think its my turn for food… enjoy your coffee.



14:45 – Heehee, that was nice wee update!  Sorry you had to deal with puke & nae kitchen roll, sounds like you did the job tho.

Good to know all the wee monkeys are fed and / or satisfied for now at least.  When I get back I shall no doubt be greeted by the usual claims of no food being dished out all afternoon.  I will know it is fake news this time for sure though.

I did enjoy my coffee break.  Hope you’re enjoying your afternoon!


10 July 2017

11:39 – Stons drugs are ready.  I’ll pick them up later. How’s you? I got stuck in traffic again so you are getting do’d😤.

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11:42 – That’s jolly good if you can get the Ston sorted with her drugs 😳
Not so good that you got stuck in traffic again.  That’s just not good enough.  I should start getting the bus again maybe.

11:50 -😲

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06 July 2017

13:34 – Back home…

…everything melting, including my brain…don’t know how much longer I can continue… Ston eating…no sign of others…not been upstairs yet… don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that yet!

Need cool air. Off to find doof for blower.

Be safe in this heat!


14:06 – Aye, too hot here as well.  Sore head.  At least it’s nearly lunchtime, then just short afternoon to go.
Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon…


05 July 2017

13:38 – Nae…Pop-date!

…back home.  Feeling hot and tired.  Wee Ston was sitting behind the curtain on the window ledge waiting for me.  As my key went into the door her wee head raised, she had a wee glint in her eye and I swear there was a smile on her wee face.

As I came through the door I could hear the unmistakable sound of puss stretch and scratching on the scratching post at the top of the stairs.  I shouted up “Hi Pop” but got the fright of my life when a wee black shape made her way downstairs.  It was not Pop but Dunkl.

As I moved into the kitchen, I put my bags down and lifted the Bozita box, so as to feed the wee Ston quickly.  She ran right up to her bowl and started scoffing… poor wee thing must have been starving.

Dunkl ran past me, the bowls, the table, the bin and right out the cat flap.  Although she did a funny wee jump when the cat flap landed on her head; it was as if that had never happened before. I gave out a wee laugh and she was out the flap, like a rat up a pipe.

I’ve yet to see the Pop or the Mili.  They are nowhere to be seen. I may have to go and investigate.  But first things first, Ston is back in the room demanding second lunch so I better go.

Hope you have a lovely day.
Love you,

13:51 – Another nice wee update from home.  I wish I was there instead of here.

Haha, I can imagine the surprise when the wee dark one appeared on the stairs but sounds like normal service was quickly restored when she quickly disappeared out the cat flap.  Not like the tabs not to put in an appearance yet, I’m sure they’ll turn up soon while you’re giving Schton her seventh lunch.

Going slowly here today, struggling to get going properly.

Hope you’re having a nice afternoon and weather not too hot.


14:18 – Oh no…

..… look what Dunkel did… I managed to rescue it from being eaten; t’was already dead.  Now she’s squawking under my desk looking for her prize.  I threw it into the flower bed.  Hope she doesn’t find it.

Love xx
Video of Dunkel terrorising wee bird under my desk is unavailable due to horror content...


04 July 2017

13:43 – Update fi home.

Just in.  I’m hot and sweaty but thankfully my working day is over. Mili was at the window to welcome me home and as I opened the door, wee Ston, peeked round the wall of the kitchen opening. Guess what she is after? (late breakfast, late late breakfast, early lunch, lunch, late lunch and late late lunch and a cheeky wee pre-dinner snack)!!

I put Bozita out for her, as I watched Mili move to the back door. Then I saw Popi, also moving to the back door.  Obviously, fresh air is more important than food to those two.  No sign of the monster.  I checked her nest…nothing, and there is no sign of her in the garden.

I went back into the lounge to ‘phone the chap about the roof (the one that did Adrian’s), he can’t give me a date but will come over when he’s in the area.

Went back into kitchen, Mili has appeared again.  This time I put out one of those blue pouches we can’t give Popi as they make her sick, and as I was putting it down, Remi who was busily chomping on Bozita raised her head and bopped Mili out the way to get at her food.  I had to push Remi back but she was quite insistent.  Therefore, I ended up putting another blue pouch out for her.  Its funny how wee, timid, scared of everything Ston suddenly becomes bold as brass when she wants food.

As I sit here typing this, Remi has come through from the kitchen and is on the window ledge looking out (I swear she scraped her bum along the carpet as she entered the room).  Popi is in the garden and I just hear the distant sound of the cat-flap, Mili going out.

While all this was going on there has been no sign of the monster!

Enjoy your lunchtime coffee.

Love you,

14:45 – Just got back from having a wee coffee and ready for the afternoon…

Heehee, thanks for the latest update.  Aye, all of Remi’s fear seems to disappear when it comes to her food.  I can easily imagine her bopping Mili out of the way if it meant more grub for her! done 30/06/2017

Glad to hear they’re all enjoying their afternoon but not very happy about that cheeky wee yin.  She should at least make a wee appearance when you get back from a hard morning’s work. Maybe she’s out playing with Felix.

Good job phoning chap about the roof!

14:46 – The monster just returned.

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