04 July 2017

13:43 – Update fi home.

Just in.  I’m hot and sweaty but thankfully my working day is over. Mili was at the window to welcome me home and as I opened the door, wee Ston, peeked round the wall of the kitchen opening. Guess what she is after? (late breakfast, late late breakfast, early lunch, lunch, late lunch and late late lunch and a cheeky wee pre-dinner snack)!!

I put Bozita out for her, as I watched Mili move to the back door. Then I saw Popi, also moving to the back door.  Obviously, fresh air is more important than food to those two.  No sign of the monster.  I checked her nest…nothing, and there is no sign of her in the garden.

I went back into the lounge to ‘phone the chap about the roof (the one that did Adrian’s), he can’t give me a date but will come over when he’s in the area.

Went back into kitchen, Mili has appeared again.  This time I put out one of those blue pouches we can’t give Popi as they make her sick, and as I was putting it down, Remi who was busily chomping on Bozita raised her head and bopped Mili out the way to get at her food.  I had to push Remi back but she was quite insistent.  Therefore, I ended up putting another blue pouch out for her.  Its funny how wee, timid, scared of everything Ston suddenly becomes bold as brass when she wants food.

As I sit here typing this, Remi has come through from the kitchen and is on the window ledge looking out (I swear she scraped her bum along the carpet as she entered the room).  Popi is in the garden and I just hear the distant sound of the cat-flap, Mili going out.

While all this was going on there has been no sign of the monster!

Enjoy your lunchtime coffee.

Love you,

14:45 – Just got back from having a wee coffee and ready for the afternoon…

Heehee, thanks for the latest update.  Aye, all of Remi’s fear seems to disappear when it comes to her food.  I can easily imagine her bopping Mili out of the way if it meant more grub for her! done 30/06/2017

Glad to hear they’re all enjoying their afternoon but not very happy about that cheeky wee yin.  She should at least make a wee appearance when you get back from a hard morning’s work. Maybe she’s out playing with Felix.

Good job phoning chap about the roof!

14:46 – The monster just returned.

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