11 July 2017

13:39 – Update from home…

…Popi on window ledge of the lounge as I walk up the steps to the front door.

Remi greeted me in the hall, looking for food, no less.

Something horrific awaited my entry into the kitchen… a large puddle of puke!!  Made worse by the fact that only two sheets of kitchen roll left on the roll.  There is no way those two sheets would cope.  I eyed the new roll on top of the fridge and looked around desperately for something to help me retrieve them. Nothing obvious.  However, a more pressing job awaited me… starving monkeys.  Need to feed urgently.  Therefore, in the meantime I placed the last two sheets on top of the pool of puke and attended to my monkeys.

Puddle of Puke…

Remi was happy with Bozita, but Mili and Popi looked at me disgustedly.  Therefore, opened two tins (one each) of the Gourmet stuff and dispensed them onto clean bowls; nothing too good for my babies.  I suspect Popi was not really hungry as she turned her nose up and marched to the back door where she sat until I ran the full length of the kitchen to unleash her onto the world.

It was then I spotted the kitchen tongs.  They would do jolly well to get the new kitchen rolls.  I just about managed to touch them at full reach.  I hobbled about on tippy-toes, stretched until I heard something pop.  I managed to reach them; thankfully without damaging myself further.

Puke wiped up, monkeys fed it was now time to take a load off for a few minutes to let Remi finish what was left in all the food bowls.  As I walked into the lounge I sensed a sinsiter wee object in the corner, Dunkel was in her nest.  She looked at me, yawned, re-arranged herself and went back to sleep.

In the time it has taken to write this, Mili is now parked on the window ledge, Popi has come back in from the garden and is sitting in the doorway to the lounge and Remi is at my feet licking her chops.

I think its my turn for food… enjoy your coffee.



14:45 – Heehee, that was nice wee update!  Sorry you had to deal with puke & nae kitchen roll, sounds like you did the job tho.

Good to know all the wee monkeys are fed and / or satisfied for now at least.  When I get back I shall no doubt be greeted by the usual claims of no food being dished out all afternoon.  I will know it is fake news this time for sure though.

I did enjoy my coffee break.  Hope you’re enjoying your afternoon!



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