14 July 2017


Its all quiet on the home front since I got back from Asda.  I think I fed Remi a couple of more times and now she’s sleeping soundly one the window ledge with Mili in one corner and Dunkel, in her nest, in the other corner.  Popi is conspicuous by her absence.  I managed to track her down earlier, she’s made a home for herself on your chair (obviously likes the smell of your arse).  I’ve heard the cat flap go a couple of times, I’m sure its the wind most of the time, but once I checked and I saw Ass-hole’s bum quickly retreat through the hole in the fence…the little shite-bag.

I’ve just eaten lots of crap and had my morning coffee, I’m still feeling really exhausted; I had a really unsettled night and very little sleep.  BTW you were doing a lot of moaning and groaning in your sleep last night.  I wonder what is causing that? Guilty conscience?

Anyway, I might go for a wee cat nap myself.



…hope you are well and you and your mobile got to work safely, no incidents like the other day!! (his mobile got smashed due to an over zealous bus driver and his brakes).

So far I’ve updated my blog, and fed the Ston (three times already), I’m just about to go and pick up our monthly supply of coffee from the post office.  I was thinking of swinging past Asda on the way back to pick you up some juice and to see if they’ve got a cheap bread bin.  Is there anything else you need?

BTW, Mili is sleeping soundly on our bed, no sign of Dunkel or Popi. Dunkel is probably out and about but I don’t know where the Pop is. She’s hiding from me.  I’m a wee bit worried about her sniffle…if it continues we’ll have to take her to the pet doctor.  RemiSton, is still circling the kitchen looking for more food.  She’ll have to wait until I get back.

Speak later,


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