This blog offers a glimpse into the lives of four cats their cat-guardians who live on a quiet, suburban street in Birmingham, UK.

Remi, in her hey-day!

This is Remi, she is 15 years old.  Remi is a lovely natured wee cat but she is also a bit of a wazok (she’s her own worst enemy).  Unfortunately, quite recently we found out she is hypothyroid, so has to take a wee tablet every day.  I think she feels she is being tortured by her guardians ‘cos its a bit of a fight every day.


Mili, a.k.a wee willi winki

This is Mili, she is also 15 years old and is Remi’s litter mate.  Together we call them our ‘Twinkles’, on account of them being twins.  Mili is a little miniature-looking cat but she’s got a lot of guts.  She’s not as timid as Remi but she’s still quite an unassuming wee cat.  She loves having her photo taken.


Photo (4534)

Here’s Popi, she’s eight years old.  She’s a beautiful tabby cat.  She’s a funny little puss, very affectionate but very jealous when others are being petted.  She used to be a mummy’s girl but now she’s definitely a daddy’s girl.  She like nothing better than to be chauffeured around the house on daddy’s shoulders, after all that’s what they are for!



Izzi, der kleine Dunkel

Last but not least, this is Izzi, a.k.a der kleine Dunkel, she’s just over two years old.  There has never been a stranger wee cat than this one.  Fiercely independent, affectionate on her terms only, loves being outside.  On the odd occasion she’s at home, she’s in her wee ‘nest’; her favourite spot in the house.


This blog will document their comings and goings (but mostly their stationary’s, on account of them mostly sleeping), but sometimes it may document their interactions with their cat-guardians.  Cat-guardians have a somewhat mundane existence, but it’s not their fault.  When not actually at work  they are ‘on-call’, 24-hrs a-day, catering to the whims of their little darlings  (feeding, door opening, poop-scooping, door-opening, puke-cleaning, door opening).  Being a cat-guardian comes with little or no thanks, more often you receive a growl or a scratch, the odd ‘kissy’ bite, an occasional head bump or a few long blinks; payment enough when sharing your life and house with four delicious furry delights.

Peace reigns when food is served