27 June 2017

14:02 – Demand

If you want to see your wee men you better listen 👂 up…


…same deal as DUP. £1bn 💰 unmarked notes and a fast 🚗 car.
Need answer by 14:05.

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14:15 -Hahaha, I might be able to cobble a tenner together..

14:25 -I’m at Asda for Ston food 🥘 let me know if you need anything.

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15:21 – Oh no……it’s too late for him but not too late for his chums.  Repent!!


15:40 – Too late…

Two down. Two to go!

May the lord have mercy on your soul.



23 June 2017

13:39 – Guess who…

…is so glad to be home after what seems to have been the longest, hottest week in history?!

I’ve just filled up two bowls for Johnson…scattered some Dreamies on the floor for Mili which has alerted the Popi.  No trace of ‘the dark one’.

Just taking a load off  and waiting for them to finish so I can get something to eat without freaking ‘the Ston’ with the noise of me buttering bread/crackers.  You know what she is like.

BTW how has your day been?  Did you enjoy your leisurely breakfast/coffee?

Anyway, I think its all clear in the kitchen now so I’m off to have lunch, cos I’m starving… I’ll try and leave you some ‘bubbles’…

Love you,


13:52 – Haha, that’s a nice wee update.  Not as much wee aggro as yesterday by the sounds of it (so far at least).

I’m not impressed with that wee ‘dark one’, she has to come and see us at some point during the day!

Enjoyed the leisurely coffee before work, enjoying work itself not so much.  Going quickly enough tho so should be okay.  I bet you’re glad the working week is over!  Can’t be doing with too many like that.

Enjoy your lunch, speak soon…

14:08 – Why is it every time we sit down to eat one of them 💩?

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22 June 2017

13:28 – A blood-curdling scream just emanated from the back door of 190 F***n Road.

Ass-hole…I hear you cry!!!

Not on this occasion…

Mummy…trod on dunkel’s paw as she rushed to feed her wee chops while mummy was still walking into position…

Popi and Mili who were lurking nearby skedaddled, tout de suite and dunkel rushed out the  open doorway…

Poor mummy was left standing there with full food bowls in hand and no wee monkeys on the horizon.

P.S.  – mummy is also sweating cobs as she’s tried to clean up the house to an almost acceptable level of sh**-state for the arrival of Lynsey.

P.P.S   – I hear the dulcet scraping of floor, wall and litter tray…POPI…those little blighters really must hate me…I only just cleaned it out!!

Bye for now!


13:37 – Oh no, the thought of you standing in the middle of the kitchen with food bowls and nobody to feed brought a tear to my eye. Silly wee dunkle, what’s she playing at rushing into your path like that.  And that Bigi Pop!  I’m sure she does that deliberately.

Has Schtonly abandoned the house for the safety of the shed again?

17 June 2017

10:50 – Hi

How’s it going?  I’m wandering aimlessly through the house unable to settle on anything.  Its too hot!!

Just cleaned the bath and took a wee lie down with Popi to recover only to be woken by the crashing about of Felix.  He’s just wandered into our bedroom, sniffed the air, jumped up to the open window, had a good look out  and has now buggered off again. On his way back to the back bedroom window he passed Mili who hissed, launched a feeble paw swipe, now he’s back in the big wide world.  What a cheek!

I’m building up energy/motivation for my next wee job…proving awfy hard today.  Hope you day not so tough!

Speak soon…

11:06 – It’s too hot here as well, struggling to concentrate & it’s weird not having other folk in. It’s going too ruddy slow, only half way through the day…

That Felix is becoming a cheeky young rascal puss!  I think wee Mili has had his number from the start!

Dinnae worry about doing much today love, it’s too hot!

11:07 – Sorry to hear you’re struggling and your day just as slow.  Pity you don’t have a wee Felix to cheer you up.

Here’s one from a while back…
Felix…next door’s cat, in our house!


11:23 -Heehee, he’s got such a funny wee look about him…

19 October 2016

13:23 – OMG…

…your ladies are out of hand. Came home from shopping (please take my credit card away) to find massive joby beside catpootray!!! and puke on stairs! We need an intervention: I need to stop buying food they puke or poop up! Jings, help ma boab! 😭

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13:27 -They are very bad young ladies and I will deal with them accordingly when I get back.  Their behaviour is unacceptable.

Did you get anything good fae the shops?

13:39 -What would classify as good? Pouches? Sprouts? Carrots? Hobnobs?

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Carrots = Good
Sprouts = good?
Pouches = Sometimes good, sometimes no, they don’t want that one
Hobnobs = heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

18 October 2016

09:39 – OMG

You really shouldn’t have left me so much coffee. I’m going to be high as a kite all day. Px

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10:46 – Heehee, you’ll have to chase the cats round the house to use up your energy.  And it will be good for them!

11:34 -Was kidding. Less than a mouthful.  Just as well I love you. 😘

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11:36 – Oh, I see.  That’s not so good 😦

I think you should still chase the cats round the hoose!