05 July 2017

13:38 – Nae…Pop-date!

…back home.  Feeling hot and tired.  Wee Ston was sitting behind the curtain on the window ledge waiting for me.  As my key went into the door her wee head raised, she had a wee glint in her eye and I swear there was a smile on her wee face.

As I came through the door I could hear the unmistakable sound of puss stretch and scratching on the scratching post at the top of the stairs.  I shouted up “Hi Pop” but got the fright of my life when a wee black shape made her way downstairs.  It was not Pop but Dunkl.

As I moved into the kitchen, I put my bags down and lifted the Bozita box, so as to feed the wee Ston quickly.  She ran right up to her bowl and started scoffing… poor wee thing must have been starving.

Dunkl ran past me, the bowls, the table, the bin and right out the cat flap.  Although she did a funny wee jump when the cat flap landed on her head; it was as if that had never happened before. I gave out a wee laugh and she was out the flap, like a rat up a pipe.

I’ve yet to see the Pop or the Mili.  They are nowhere to be seen. I may have to go and investigate.  But first things first, Ston is back in the room demanding second lunch so I better go.

Hope you have a lovely day.
Love you,

13:51 – Another nice wee update from home.  I wish I was there instead of here.

Haha, I can imagine the surprise when the wee dark one appeared on the stairs but sounds like normal service was quickly restored when she quickly disappeared out the cat flap.  Not like the tabs not to put in an appearance yet, I’m sure they’ll turn up soon while you’re giving Schton her seventh lunch.

Going slowly here today, struggling to get going properly.

Hope you’re having a nice afternoon and weather not too hot.


14:18 – Oh no…

..… look what Dunkel did… I managed to rescue it from being eaten; t’was already dead.  Now she’s squawking under my desk looking for her prize.  I threw it into the flower bed.  Hope she doesn’t find it.

Love xx
Video of Dunkel terrorising wee bird under my desk is unavailable due to horror content...