17 June 2017

10:50 – Hi

How’s it going?  I’m wandering aimlessly through the house unable to settle on anything.  Its too hot!!

Just cleaned the bath and took a wee lie down with Popi to recover only to be woken by the crashing about of Felix.  He’s just wandered into our bedroom, sniffed the air, jumped up to the open window, had a good look out  and has now buggered off again. On his way back to the back bedroom window he passed Mili who hissed, launched a feeble paw swipe, now he’s back in the big wide world.  What a cheek!

I’m building up energy/motivation for my next wee job…proving awfy hard today.  Hope you day not so tough!

Speak soon…

11:06 – It’s too hot here as well, struggling to concentrate & it’s weird not having other folk in. It’s going too ruddy slow, only half way through the day…

That Felix is becoming a cheeky young rascal puss!  I think wee Mili has had his number from the start!

Dinnae worry about doing much today love, it’s too hot!

11:07 – Sorry to hear you’re struggling and your day just as slow.  Pity you don’t have a wee Felix to cheer you up.

Here’s one from a while back…
Felix…next door’s cat, in our house!


11:23 -Heehee, he’s got such a funny wee look about him…